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An Alternative to Traditional DTC Advertising to Reach Cardiovascular Patients

Posted by Glen Greissinger on Sep 17, 2014 9:36:05 AM

Over the last several years, direct to consumer drug advertising has seen some significant changes. Long form television spots, branded websites, digital advertising and social media are a few examples of the evolving marketing mix. But one goal remains unchanged…pharma marketers continue to seek efficiency in generating the best possible ROI for any investment in DTC advertising.

The Funneling Process

Traditional pharma advertising can be a shotgun approach that attempts to reach a relatively small number of target consumers by blasting a general message to the masses. This frequently involves a great deal of wasted ad delivery to consumers outside the target. Combine that with “fair balance” and “major statement” requirements from the FDA, and a typical DTC ad is loaded (some would say over-burdened) with a great deal of necessary content that must be delivered in a limited amount of space or time, which puts additional downward momentum on ROI. As a different approach, we've taken these realities to heart and created a funneling process that focuses directly on the most relevant patients.

DTC Advertising in Hospitals and Cardiologist’s Offices

We looked at the patterns of consumer behavior and pioneered other ways of intercepting heart patients, specifically through the cardiac rehabilitation departments of hospitals and directly in cardiologist’s offices. Most pharmaceutical companies have been unable to take full advantage of the opportunities that these cardiac care facilities offer, but our capabilities allow marketers to efficiently reach the cardiac patients who are most in need of help.

rehab3Patients in cardiac rehabilitation facilities and cardiologist’s offices are far more appropriate than a mass audience, and much more receptive because they have been recently diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. Advertising directed toward this audience, at the narrow end of the funnel if you will, have a greater likelihood of successful outcomes because health is on their minds, and they're considerably more willing to listen to any beneficial medication information you can provide. This is the stage where patients are pushed to move forward on their own, transitioning from a passive recipient into an active participant in managing their cardio health, whether it means controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, heart function, clotting or achieving weight loss.

An Educated Patient is a Better Patient

Patients who visit cardiac rehabilitation centers and their cardiologist have already made the decision to pursue a healthier life and educate themselves about their options, making them the ideal target for your advertising. Educated patients understand that the medicines they take are important to their overall well being - which also makes them far more likely to adhere to their drug regimen over time.

Cardiac Directions

Large numbers of patients in the cardiac rehabilitation and cardiologist office setting are intercepted through our Cardiac Directions Program. We can efficiently deliver your long-form brand message, where space and time are not a factor. Standard size client-supplied brand literature with PI information is hand-delivered to patients by their HCP at one low rate. Additional high visibility branding options to reach cardio patients are also available, including: online advertising, print advertising, premium delivery and HCP communications.

For more information about Cardiac Directions, please visit our online media kit, or call us at +1-609-737-1110.

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