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Understanding the Mind of the Heart Patient for Better DTC Marketing

Posted by Rob Burnett on Sep 2, 2014 10:07:35 AM

What is a patient who recently had a heart attack or stroke thinking? What are their biggest health concerns, and what kinRehab2ds of diet and lifestyle changes are they most likely to make? Where do they go for information and education?

Our business, and our success, relies upon an understanding of what these patients are going through. We have to understand what heart patients are experiencing if we are going to help connect them to educational information, products and services that are going to provide the support they need to make changes that could save their lives. So at Dialogue, we do extensive research to provide answers to these important questions, and we’ve published a free white paper, Wellness Marketing: Helping New Heart Patients Make Life-Saving Changes, that we want to share with those who market heart healthy products and services.

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12 Questions to Ask Before Planning A Sampling Campaign

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Product sampling can be a very beneficial marketing strategy if it is applied to the right brand, in the right context, with proper controls put in place. This White Paper reviews sampling best practices and helps analyze the key factors to evaluate when considering an investment in a product sampling program:

  • Products best suited for sampling
  • Target audience selection and critical distribution controls
  • Consistency with your overall marketing and brand advertising
  • Measuring & boosting sampling ROI

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