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Marketing Heart Healthy Products? Reach Patients When They’re Ready to Listen

Posted by Glen Greissinger on Aug 20, 2014 2:53:00 PM


Patients with heart disease—especially those who have just been through a major cardiac event like a heart attack or heart surgery—are confronted with the need to make significant changes in their lives in order to get and stay healthy. For many patients, these changes, including stopping smoking, eating a heart healthy diet, and engaging in a regular exercise program, can be very difficult to make, and sticking with them is nearly impossible without support. That’s why organizations like the American Heart Association, as part of their Active Partnership program, recommend that heart patients take part in a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Doctors, nurses, and cardiac rehabilitation center staff members are in a great position to help patients learn how to live healthier lives. And patients—many of them confronted with their own mortality for the first time—are usually Oatmeal_breakfastready to receive that information. Marketers of heart healthy products including foods, low-dose aspirin, exercise equipment and more also have a critical role to play here. Your products can give these patients the tools they need to improve their chances of living healthy lives post-event. The benefits of taking an active part in recovering from a cardiac event are clear. Research shows that patients who actively participate in and complete a cardiac rehabilitation program where they receive support, information and education have a 47% lower risk of death than those who attend only one session.

When marketing heart healthy products, how can you reach these patients at the ideal moment? Life Stage Marketing. What is Life Stage Marketing? A patient recovering from a heart attack has to make changes that literally could be the difference between life and death. They are ready to make some decisions, and start engaging in healthy behaviors. Getting your product to them at that moment through a targeted sampling program is what Life Stage Marketing is all about.

At Dialogue, we pioneered the development of this type of marketing when we started in 1991, and we’ve refined it considerably since then, bringing a new level of analytics and digital technologies to the practice so that it has become more precise and more effective than ever before. With programs tailored to cardiac health, pet care, homeownership, diabetes and more, our passion is connecting customers with the products they need, precisely when they need them.

If you are a manufacturer or marketer of heart healthy products, please look into Dialogue’s Cardiac Directions program. In addition to getting new customers, you could be helping to save lives.

For more information about Cardiac Directions, please visit our online media kit, or call us at +1-609-737-1110.




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