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The Exercise Prescription

Posted by Glen Greissinger on Sep 23, 2014 5:52:19 PM

Any senior will tell you, as the human body ages, it undergoes a significant amount of change. Almost always these changes are not for the better. Still, the body requires a certain amount of exercise to keep the heart and muscles in good shape. Balancing these two immutable facts requires not only a balanced exercise regimen designed for seniors, but also the right equipment, appropriate footwear and even proper personal care items. Here are some things for marketers of these products to keep in mind:

Seniors Do Need Exercise – Advancing age does not necessarily mean a sedentary lifestyle. There are seniors who practice the martial arts, climb the highest mountains and even run marathons. While these warriors are exceptional, all seniors require a certain amount of exercise or they run the risk of serious Hikershealth issues. Even seniors who have undergone health setbacks need to receive regular exercise to return to good health.  Still, some feel that an injured knee, arthritic joints and similar non-life threatening ailments disqualify them from exercising. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Preparation Is Key – Being prepared with the right gear is essential for anyone to have a successful workout session. For example, elastic bandages can allow a senior with an injury to workout on the treadmill or elliptical machine, pedometers that measure speed and distance will keep them from overdoing their workout, and well-fitted shoes (sometimes with padded insoles) help to cushion the feet.  Like anyone, seniors need to have adequate hydration, sunscreen, bug spray and maybe a little extra pain reliever available at the conclusion of a session.

Changes Are Ongoing – The key to exercising as a senior is to realize that the condition of the body is always changing. By paying attention to these changes, seniors can proactively find the right equipment and products to allow them to make the most of their exercise regimen. After all, staying healthy over time requires attention to every part of the body, not just the damaged parts.

The power of exercise is as potent in seniors as it is in other age groups. The key, however, is to manage it with the right equipment and preparation. For more information on reaching seniors who are pursuing increased exercise and activity, please contact us.

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